Can a gentleman who is pretending to be straight undergo from erectile dysfunction when with a female?

Concern by abrinaus: Can a gentleman who is pretending to be straight endure from erectile dysfunction when with a female?
My roommate is courting this guy, who I have imagined from working day one particular, is gay. She has confided in me they can not have conventional sex, simply because he has erectile dysfunction. He has never had a wholesome opposite sex partnership and of program, this was often the woman’s fault(his terms). It is not 1 issue they has me persuaded he is in the closet, it is the whole bundle and all of the key information my roommate tells me just reaffirms my feelings. Her number one particular explanation she thinks he isn’t is simply because of the erectile dysfunction. I know numerous wellness causes can result in it, but I know psycologocial can also trigger it. And I also know a blend of the two can also element into it.

And remember to do not slam me, I genuinely would like to know. I am not bashing or slamming any individual.


Answer by Jamiep6
i consider your appropriate. I mean if he’s gay that implies that he is not captivated to the females. and if there is no attraction, then of cousre he is likely to have issues receiving and keeping it up. Could him declaring that is is erectile dysfunction just be an excuse.

Answer by mlgable
Have confidence in me homosexual men can get erections with ladies. Maybe not all can but I know a lot of homosexual men who can get an erection and even have sex with women. They don’t enjoy it so to talk. This guy has sexual difficulties and needs to see his doc. Your good friend must stimulate him to see and doc to locate out if his erectile dysfunction is triggered by anything medical or if it is a psychological dilemma that a therapist can help.

Answer by Mark D
He could be gay. He could be abusing medication or alcohol. He could just have concerns with females. It sounds like he would reward from speaking to a medical doctor to find out the genuine result in so that he can tackle it.

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