Difference in between impotence and erectile dysfunction…?

Issue by Clarissa: Big difference amongst impotence and erectile dysfunction…?
Is there any defference in between impotence and erectile dysfunction…?


Reply by Shahwar Pervez
Impotence means…….. powerlessness: the top quality of lacking energy or electrical power currently being weak and feeble.
Erectile indicates …………Incapacity of a man to maintain an erection enough for gratifying sexual exercise: “a treatment proven secure for erectile dysfunction”…. By these definations you can understand the meanings distinction.

Answer by J
Impotence indicates you physically can not have little ones you can get your penis up good (or not wonderful) but your sperm is basically dead you can not get any individual pregenant Now erectyle dysfunction indicates your d*ck just can’t get erect it can ejacualte sperm and make infants its just can not get up to do it with capsules

Reply by RON T
Erectile dysfunction has a more basic that means than impotence. Erectile dysfunction has vast selection meanings of diverse erectile issues. Some of it was the reduction of erection for the duration of the intercourse or failure to attain an erection which is sound and hard sufficient to penetrate. On the other hand, impotence is referred t by many as the incapability of a male to obtain an erection.

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