Do blood stress medicines have an results on erectile dysfunction?

Query by MagnusMoss: Do blood strain medicines have an effects on erectile dysfunction?
I know an individual who mentioned their erectile disfunction received much better when they were set on blood pressure meds. Is that the placebo impact, or can blood force medicines genuinely do that?


Answer by Barcode
It really is normally the reverse. Numerous BP medications cause erectile dysfunction.

Reply by ScorpioRising75
Blood strain prescription drugs regularly trigger erectile dysfunction, nonetheless some individuals could respond in a different way.

Response by nursegirl_123
I feel your pal is pulling your leg, blood force drugs typically increase erectile dysfunction, until he is on a placebo and not genuine blood stress meds. I have acknowledged men as younger as 25 to have a problem getting an erection since of blood stress meds. But their is usually the tiny blue pill.

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