Do I Have An Erectile Dysfunction?

Question by Sharri Lorraine: Do I Have An Erectile Dysfunction?
All right. I am 26. I might masturbate normally. I’m not sexually active. I-CAN NOT- get an erection mentally. It does not matter if I am viewing porn, or pondering sexual views. I -WILL NOT- get an erection unless it’s induced by actual physical stimulation. My penis has been conditioned this way. When I stop touching my penis, the erection wears off and goes limp.

The only time I ever have an erection without having touching myself is when I wake up in the early morning. My penis is difficult as a rock and it stays like that until finally I get up. So this is not a bodily point, it has to be a psychological. I do not know.

I do not truly use porn by the way. I never actually use ideas both. Simply searching at my penis is adequate, and I emphasis on the experience of it.

In any case, back on the 19th of November, I stopped masturbating… sort of. I would contact myself a little bit every other day or so, but I would not permit myself ejaculate. Even through my penis was inquiring to ejaculate, it would not get erect unless of course I touched it. Nicely, as of 3 times ago, I ejaculated, simply because there was so much rigidity, and my penis nevertheless would not react on its own.

As of now? … I haven’t touched myself at all for 3 times. I don’t strategy on it. I will not. I am not going to let myself to get an erection brought on by physical contact. It has to be mental, or it will not be at all. In truth? I will not seem at porn, or something that’s designed to change me on in any way.

And this may well not make a big difference, but I have acquired a huge penis. 8 inches, uncut, yeah, not to brag, but does that even make a difference?

Now inform me, is this an erectile dysfunction? Is this regular? … What could I do to repair this? … I want to be ready to get erections from being turned on. By ideas. Like everyone else I know.

Remember to support me.
I’m not a girl. and I have experienced this difficulty for a prolonged although now… I am just now noticing it.


Solution by Barcode
Psychological counseling functions wonders – make an appointment prior to it really is as well late.

Answer by Kane
Must you even have a penis? your a lady

Answer by Gary
Get checked by a physician. If you are alright, think about many years of porn use as a possible cause.

Researchers: Also A lot Internet PORN Might Trigger IMPOTENCE (2011)
It might not make you go blind, but Italian scientists have discovered a worrying facet-result of viewing as well a lot pornography.
Researchers said Thursday that young men who indulge in “excessive use” of Net porn slowly become immune to explicit photographs, the ANSA information company documented.
Above time, this can direct to a reduction of libido, impotence and a idea of sex that is totally divorced from actual-daily life relations.
“It begins with decrease reactions to porn sites, then there is a general fall in libido and in the stop it gets to be impossible to get an erection,” stated Carlo Foresta, head of the Italian Modern society of Andrology and Sexual Drugs (SIAM).
His group drew their conclusions from a survey of 28,000 Italian men which exposed that a lot of turned hooked on porn as early as 14, exhibiting indicators of so-named “sexual anorexia” by the time they achieved their mid-twenties.
There was some great information, nevertheless, as the issue was not automatically permanent. “With suitable support restoration is feasible within a couple of months,” Foresta stated.
Other information presented at the SIAM’S annual meeting in Rome suggested that Germans are the most significant customers of online porn in Europe, with 34.5 percent of net end users logging on to look at smut. France ranked next (33.6 percent), in advance of Spain (32.4 percent) and Italy (28.9 percent)


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