Do I have erectile disfunction?

Question by Some: Do I have erectile disfunction?
At the begin of the school year September I experienced a healthful gentilia no curved penis or difficulties with ejaculation. In the course of the faculty yr I smoked a great deal of cannabis, about one blunt each other day. Also I utilized adderall to aid me publish essay about 5 moments 3 of the instances I used 30mg xr and the other two moments I utilised 10mg ir. I also went through a lot of depression. Now I have discontinued my drug use and extremely seldom smoke cannabis but I’ve notice that my penis is bent to the remaining. It is quite visible and quite embarrassing on leading of this I scarcely ejaculate when I grasp are where as I used to be able to ejaculate a lot. I can still get hard and orgasm but I bately ejaculate. I don’t have any stds as I’m a virgin. I lately had a bodily and my doctor observed some unevenness in my testicles so she has reffered to a urologist. I hope I can see the urologist by myself(seventeen) because you will find no way I can go with my dad and mom you will find like no opportunity I can. Do you men have any idea what the difficulty might be? I don’t know if my drug use has experienced an result for sure but it might have. Factor is very last summer I was cigarette smoking plenty of pot and my penis was alright I just noticed this a few months in the past


Reply by Richard
I have gone through your issue and I believe that there could be probabilities that you may possibly be a victim of erectile dysfunction. Let me give you with the particulars.
1. Excess use of marijuana sales opportunities to numerous sexual difficulties this sort of as it lowers the endurance, testosterone, and even may possibly lead to Erectile Dysfunction.
2. Barely ejaculate when masturbate, could be simply because of the retrograde ejaculation, which is a kind of Ejaculation Condition, which straight or indirectly influences your penile area which may more guide to Erectile Dysfunction.
3. UNEVENNESS in your TESTICLES may possibly be the problem of BPH “BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERPLAXIA” or situation of Enlarged Prostate, which is also a cause of Erectile Dysfunction.
These are the problems that you talked about may possibly position in direction of a possibility of erectile dysfunction.
You can locate much more specifics about the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction that may be beneficial.

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