Do i have erectile dysfunction?

Issue by kools: Do i have erectile dysfunction?
properly i masturbate several numerous instances a working day to porn. Recently like 3-4 times a working day!My penis gets quite soar afterward.I am really addicted to this habbit! Anyhow i hooked up with this woman the other working day and i get hard for a little then go gentle once again it was very difficult to get my penis to keep challenging! Is this a sign of erectile dysfunction? Also i gave myself a minor crack and when i masturbated once more, i am nonetheless obtaining soar!Does any one know whats creating this?


Solution by Diaper P
Are there men in the porn you view? It could be that you happen to be gay and you like the wieners.

Reply by James Smith
Protip : Just flip off the lights and put on a strap on

Response by BushPilot69X
Unless you are over 35, you most likely Don’t have ED. What you most likely do have is overall performance nervousness. You get pressured out about how you are gonna do, and willy melts.

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