do i have erectile dysfunction?

Question by im like a retard: do i have erectile dysfunction?
im paranoid i do. i walked and jogged on my treadmill yesterday for 2 hrs. i dropped alot of fat and belly body fat. my trousers width was a 38 now its a 34 and i appear soo much skinnier. but given that i have been working out i have been significantly less horny some days im genuinely attractive and i can only get hard at night time but even then its not true tough i cant clarify becuase its genuinely annoying. my penis measurement when hard is usually 6 inches but previous night time its wasnt difficult but it was like 4 inches and when i touched it the skin on my penis was truly clean and sensitive soo is this a indicator? im so puzzled and freaking out!!! oh when delicate its 2.5 inches. remember to explain to me what to do? and viewpoints? im 18y/o


Reply by James
I feel most men can relate. Occasionally the tools just doesn’t operate way too well. It truly is possibly just a section unrelated to your exercise action, or perhaps you are fatigued from the workout, and that is affecting your sex push.

Response by Allen Frost
It could be your diet plan. Soy merchandise will do that. Soy is deffinately not a mans buddy.

Answer by Hepo
Initial of all, kudos to you for being capable to get rid of weight.

Vigorous exercise, however, can physiologically decrease libido… and will not fret, it really is not a everlasting point. Exercise for each se can also lower flaccid penis measurement as properly, generally noticed right right after physical exercise, simply because blood is shunted from your penis to your skeletal muscle tissues as a physiologic response to exercising. Erect penis dimension need to not be afflicted, though.

You are too youthful to have erectile dysfunction. Possibly you are as well vigorous with your physical exercise program, which is why you are unable to achieve total erection. You could also be way too drained to come to feel attractive, so probably backing off on the intensity of your workout may possibly really not be a poor thought. Now that you’ve got lost fat, you do not have to maintain the very same vigor of your exercise routine — just ample to maintain the fat off… and try to eat healthful as effectively, also to maintain the bodyweight off. Also if you have morning erections, it implies that your nerves and plumbing are working just wonderful.

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