Erectile Dysfunction?

Query by Choose: Erectile Dysfunction?
So anytime I have sex I am ready to get an erection and keep a decent erection unless of course I almost *** a number of instances then it kinda goes limp but that has only transpired once and idk I might of arrived but im not positive……….. but I just come to feel as even though its not as difficult as it need to be. I whack off a great deal prob 5 instances a week. Idk if thats why :/ but each time me and my girlfriend are fooling about I am able to have a pretty challenging erection. I dont know if its pyschological probably or what. Lead to I can make her orgasm that way but its not massive orgasms and I try truly challenging and i attempt not to ejaculate fast idk.

Btw Im 19 several years aged and rarley at any time drink perhaps at any time 5 to 6 months and I dont smoke


Response by Chris
There must be some psychological factor roaming close to your brain. I think you are carrying out fairly great with your sexual life particularly considering that you do a lot. In accordance to what I have read through, they are alot of elements why erectile dysfunction happened to a specified person. It can be from harmful practices or exhausted of function. But for your scenario, I can entry that you have no problems at all.

Response by Gary
Do you use porn?

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