Erectile Dysfunction a year soon after circumcision?

Issue by _nicole_: Erectile Dysfunction a 12 months right after circumcision?
I have a male good friend who never ever had any erection issues ahead of obtaining circumsized. In late 2012 he obtained the procedure carried out. Almost everything healed good. He stated sex was a small distinct, but absolutely nothing to be upset over. Fast ahead a calendar year later. Now he has a difficult time getting erect and when it does get erect, it doesn’t last prolonged. Did his circumcision play a role in this? Other than viagra, what does a single do to help remedy the difficulty?


Solution by Merlin
With no health-related details it is difficult to say.

Circumcision gets rid of a lot of the nerve endings in the penis
some sources say it can be seventy five%
so it has to make a difference, in spite of statements to the contrary.

When it is accomplished in early childhood the mind compensates
but with adult cirks the brain does not have the time to do this.

Viagra is intended for old men. It does not usually perform for younger fellas.


Solution by Francis
Viagra is not suitable for you..

Response by Nicolas
Your friend caused the difficulty with his regressive and dumb process. There is absolutely nothing he can do other to try individuals capsules.

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