erectile dysfunction issues!!?

Question by Nerak: erectile dysfunction problems!!?
my dude clearly has an erectile dysfunction & he hasn’t been able to get tough or semi challenging for about a year. we acquired these attractive pills, but that just receives him ill. so we ordered enzyte, but that created him unwell too. we want to attempt viagra, but odds are, people will make my guy unwell, also.

we cant see a doctor due to the fact he doesn’t have insurance coverage, so what ought to he do? )=


Reply by Nick Knows Greatest
Viagra operates…and it most likely won’t make him unwell.

He probably just has functionality anxiety, which can grow to be a vicious cycle. The erection exercise routines and information in this guide will assist him conquer it:

“My Very Difficult Erections”

Reply by TiredOfFemaleTechsOnMaleExams
get some tissue paper like the one for wrapping items make a little strip just before he goes to mattress wrap it about the penis using a really modest quantity of tape to seal the edges of the tissue paper collectively (dont tape on the penis OUCH! tape only on the paper) have him dress in briefs to snooze in so the paper doesnt get ripped off accidently. whilst he is asleep he Need to have noctural errections, this would tear the tissue paper as the penis fills with blood, when he wakes up if it is torn it is most probably the pyschological situation like performace nervousness as talked about by other responses, if it isnt ripped it could be a physical problem have been he would need to go to the medical professional for even more tests, or attempt once again the next night and wrap the tissue paper tighter (very first time may possibly not be tight sufficient)

Reply by betdwg1
he might have blood stress problems, very good blood strain is important in acquiring an erection. if he does then fix that issue. if thats not it try carrying out kegels, these will bolster the personal computer muscles. with string personal computer muscle tissues a single will have much better/tougher erections, will be able to shoot additional and probably a lot more, and will have increased handle over his ejaculation reflex. in addition it helps prevent prostate cancer, so they need to be done in any case.

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