Question by indianboy: erection???
i am 19 m..i employed to have excellent erection just when i think…now a days i am active in my climate…now in betweeb these busy functions even when i consider about some factor hot i dont get erection….i want to know why…also i want to know no matter whether all grownups will get erection everyday even without pondering everything sizzling and in the course of their occupied operates…i masterbate only once in a week and didnt do it for very last 3 months thanks to operates…


Response by ♥ howdy_kitty_xoxo ♥
it is a portion of increasing up . When you really increase up you do not get erections like you would when you are heading by means of teenage hormones trigger the erections you will get you will want to be fastened by sex not masturbation .

Solution by robert KS LEE.
bcoz of busy operate u should be very tired so u never get erection at all.u want rest following ur work ok?

Solution by dani ng
perhaps cuz of function, and u so fatigued , but i consider u have an erection while u snooze. All older people are

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