Frequent erections?

Issue by Greg J: Frequent erections?
I have really regular erections. I could get 1, it goes away, and arrives back again. I get about 5 of these an hour. I also wake up with erections. I usually get them when im stationary or bored, Not when im moving close to. Its embarrasing to have to hold it down in course. Am i typical? Do i have an overactive penis? You should help.


Solution by i know it all!
overactive penis? LMAO……… your a child with an erection. Jack off more frequently.

Solution by Crazy
It truly is referred to as puberty

Answer by disneymagiclover
No, this is completely normal for a kid your age. At this phase in life, your human body is commencing to make much more testosterone, which offers you a more manly appearance, equally physically (More muscular and hairy) and emotionally. Since your entire body is creating so a lot testosterone, it will at times get overpowering. When you are shifting, your body has anything to do, and you can get your thoughts off of an erection. But when you are bored, the testosterone requires above, and voila, you have an erection. You also could be thinking about lovable ladies a great deal. Boys your age have a tendency to do that more typically. 🙂

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