Has anybody ever utilised Suhagra 100mg and how would you charge its usefulness?

Question by haroon9977: Has any person ever utilized Suhagra 100mg and how would you charge its effectiveness?
This is a drug produced in India which includes the very same lively component as Viagra (sildenafil citrate) and is created by Cipla Prescribed drugs, a well revered international Pharmaceutical firm. I am touring to India the place it is a hundred% lawful to obtain and what some suggestions on this solution.


Reply by Sheryl
There are a whole lot of generic viagra. I took vigora prior to and it worked as good as Viagra

nevertheless i will not likely have faith in a drug from India…(not being racist but read whole lot of negative issue about indian pharmacy company). if you do not brain buying it on-line you can get vigora effortlessly

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