How can I cease getting an erection so effortlessly?

Question by David C: How can I end acquiring an erection so simply?
Each time I make out with my girlfriend I get really turned on and I often get an erection. I locate it really embarrassing, simply because my girlfriend and I have a stringent “over the midsection only” rule given that we are nonetheless reasonably early on in our connection. But everytime I contact her breasts or we make out, I get an erection. I know she will not like it simply because she thinks I’m making an attempt to make her go additional, I can’t make her understand that I can not help it from occurring. What can I do to cease this from happening so very easily?
Of training course I have a strong sexual urge, she’s genuinely hot! And actually, it truly is her who has the “earlier mentioned the midsection only” rule, I’m just striving to respect her wishes. But come on, I am not likely to end making out with her……..I want factors to slowly move on further, not go backwards!!! I just want to know if there is anything I can do to end myself getting a difficult on.


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thats normal male/.////// depart it as it is and inform your lady that (its mother nature) lol

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I dunno but maybes you can allow my b/f know if you do im sick of him pestering me ) lol

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