How to aid my hubby to maintain an erection?

Query by sweet_angel_kisses32: How to assist my hubby to hold an erection?
My partner cant preserve an erection extended. He will reach an orgasm and then it goes limb. Is this regular?


Answer by cant spell!
Viagra is for that…

Solution by TeeJay
properly, if they are young, men can acheive one more erection quick soon after orgasm, but the older you get, it takes longer to attain an erection soon after orgasm

heading limp soon after orgasm is typical for men, we cannot have numerous orgasms

Solution by SuperVibrationalEscrow
It is fairly rare to be ready to preserve it up Right after the deed is completed. If the actual difficulty is he achieves climax way too fast, there are gels for that and he can use a ring.

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