How to disguise random erections?

Issue by robert: How to disguise random erections?
I am fifteen and usually in college I will get a erection for no reason. How can I conceal this?


Solution by David
Hi Robert.
Try masturbating very first thing in the morning just before you go to school. That must lessen your sex travel for a even though.

Solution by john
Masturbate in bed right just before you obtained to snooze. If you share a space just change so you are going through the other course. If you are uncut use your index finger and thumb to rub the head of your buddy. If you are minimize do the very same only on your skin previously mentioned your reduce line.

In university dress in briefs (even beneath boxers if you require to) and baggy-ish shorts or pants.

In briefs and boxer briefs put on them with your buddy pointed down to try and avert erections.

In all underwear when you get enthusiastic level your buddy up into your midsection band.

Response by Jason
Happens to me way too! I consider to cover it but often it never assist. Glad I’m not the only one particular.

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