I get erection as shortly as i remove the outer garments in presence of someone?

Concern by Guy: I get erection as shortly as i take away the outer clothing in presence of an individual?
Each time its necessary to get rid of shirt/trouser and many others in existence of someone I get an erection. The erection is noticeable via the underwear and is very awkward at times. It happens in some changerooms, during human body therapeutic massage, healthcare check up and many others. Is it typical? What do i do to avoid it?


Solution by KRISTY K
do not really feel awkward, I hope you musses is not staring at your junk and if he or she is then faux as if its always that big…..

Reply by Ryan K
You are as well sexy i guess. Just pretend absolutely nothing occur.

Response by gday_23
i know where u r coming from…..
probably if u dont worry it will come about it wont come about…. try out and think about some thing entirely distinct.

I know how u come to feel but.

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