I have a tough time keeping an erection for the duration of intercourse?

Question by Manny Telcom: I have a hard time sustaining an erection for the duration of intercourse?
So every time me and my gf have sex, I truly feel my erection heading down. For some reason I can’t hold it hard. I’m only 22, what does this mean. Also, I have untimely ejaculation so I use people trojan condoms that numb your penis. Could that have anything at all to do with it?

Any guidance would aid.


Reply by Kyle
Attempt making use of one of people vibrating rings. They support promote the nerves in your penis.

Reply by Trent
Does your erection stay hard when you are masturbating? If so, then this could be anxiety. See your Dr.

Answer by Rivqah
It appears like stress. If there are any problems that are bothering you about your partnership with her, you two need to go over them.

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