I need to have to discover the real trigger of my erectile disfunction?

Query by juanpera: I need to uncover the true result in of my erectile disfunction?
I am a 36 a long time aged male and married considering that November 2006. Since 4 years to now I’ve been seasoned erectile disfunctions more frequently. I have no hormones troubles nor physical nor anatomical circumstances and 1 working day it just arrived up. I operate well with sildenafil (viagra) but without having it I can not complete in bed with my wife and when I masturbate (I never get medications, I’m not alcoholic, I adore and want my spouse, I’m not homosexual, and this takes place even when I am not pressured nor depressed). My urologyst explained I’m prone to retain urine since of psychological causes and my doctor explained I have metabolic syndrome


Solution by XrrX
ED cause by numerous ailments, low amount of testosterone, HP, diabetic issues…metabolic syndrome is some point with testosterone
you are lucky with viagra (sildenafil) so 🙂

Response by jono
one thing

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