Is it excellent to achieve an erection ahead of or soon after starting sex?

Question by rickg155: Is it best to attain an erection ahead of or following starting sex?
I have been arguing with my wife about this a single. In the earlier with other ladies I’ve constantly attained erections following we commenced obtaining sex, but my spouse looks to consider penetration would be less difficult (she is quite really short and little) if I had an erection beforehand.

Is not the whole objective of sex to get an erection which sooner or later culminates in ejaculation? Why hassle obtaining sex at all if you can get an erection without having it?


Solution by stu_the_kilted_scot
Erm, IF you can penetrate a lady with no an erection, you happen to be cleverer than most men
A flacid penis is NOT DEIGNED to penetrate.

If you are not arroused ahead of penetrative sex, U want to learn about foreplay . . .

Then go back to school and read through your biology publications, it really is be the internet pages that are partly stuck together

Also are you puzzling “sexual actions” with “sexual intercourse”
For intercourse Sure you need to have an erection, but attaining it Throughout the “foreplay” or other sexual pursuits beforehand (oral, handbook stimulation and so forth) is Normal

Answer by jittender k
In standard wholesome persons erection will arrive normally when you are thinking of sex & foreplay, penetration is a subsequent event you may you may possibly not…

Answer by Leslie
i need it prior to!! defintely… do some foreplay… and viola =)

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