Is it protected to take Ginkgo and L-arginine with each other and does it support with erectile dysfunction?

Issue by uniquejasonsmith: Is it protected to consider Ginkgo and L-arginine together and does it help with erectile dysfunction?
I’m just getting these to get my blood flowing once again furthermore I just requested a person about is it protected to take equally the other day and they told me both are very good for erectile dysfunction and make you last lengthier in bed and I experienced no clue it does that because that is not what I am using it for only to get my blood flowing.


Solution by Dr. Gordon
Ginkgo and L-arginine are dietary health supplements that are protected to take together (at a reasonable dose, as with anything at all, having way too a lot could be hazardous). The two are frequently employed for bettering circulation which could consequently be also useful for erectile dysfunction (ED) (specially if circulation is a trigger). Even so, the idea that these health supplements might make you last longer in bed is not correct. I am not aware of any proof of this effect. There are exercise routines you can carry out that can aid in this, but dietary dietary supplements are most likely not successful. Kegal workouts can help you management ejaculation for for a longer time sex. See listed here for more details:

Arginine is a frequent and organic amino acid. It is frequently utilised for circulatory problems becasue it is an NO (Nitric Oxide) precursor. NO brings about peace and dilation of your blood vessels making it possible for blood to circulation. The theory is that by using arginine, you can probably enhance the volume of NO in the blood, and consequently improve circulation.

Ginkgo biloba tree leaf extract has been used therapeutically in China for millennia. The active elements of Ginkgo biloba extracts incorporate numerous diverse substances but most of them tumble into two major groups: Terpenoid lactones and Flavonoids. Ginkgo is most frequently employed to assist memory and psychological purpose (and analysis reveals this influence may possibly be because of to enhanced circulation in the brain.)

In conditions of erectile dysfunction, there may possibly be a benefit to employing both arginine and ginkgo (because of the circulatory positive aspects). See the following sites for specific study in regards to the impact of arginine and ginkgo for ED:

Dosage is also a crucial factor. One study with a reduced dose showed no effect with ED ( and natural-erectile-dysfunction-outcomes-of-a-double-blind-randomized-placebo-managed-research/) and yet another study with large dose revealed some benefit for ED (

It would be a good idea to seek professional advise from an expert in dietary nutritional supplements (i.e. Naturopathic Medical doctor or MD with coaching in nutrition).

Below is another good article on nutrional supplementation (which includes arginine and ginkgo): (click on on the yellow “different drugs overview” button for the full article)

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