Is this Erectile Dysfunction or Nerves?

Issue by etudiant87: Is this Erectile Dysfunction or Nerves?
This has in no way occurred to me just before, with any lady just before this 1.

I have lately started out viewing yet another girl, and I have troubles sustaining my erection when I set on a condom. It would seem as before long as there is a crack, a lull, in stimulation, mixed with a small nervousness, I lose it and have to wait around a even though just before receiving it up yet again. Then if I try once more the very same issue will occur.

However, my erection is rock difficult during foreplay and oral. It just would seem to vanish proper just before the finale. She can get me off with stimulation, but just not with a condom on.

Peculiar factor is. My earlier companion was only a couple of months back, and with her I experienced no problems what so at any time following the 1st time.

I don’t know if its me or her creating this. Often she can be a small tough and feel she is much better than she really is…but nonetheless…

however, this dilemma looks to just pop out of nowehere and feels like a significant dent in my ego, esp at these kinds of a younger age.

I won’t lie, this scares me.
I guess I am searching for ideas or make this much better.
Some have suggested allowing her put it on.

That isn’t really a bad thought but there are some other difficulties too. Often she can be sort of uncompromising, and it affects me.

In any case, I do not want to take any medicines either.

I just want to know how to shift previous the psychological block and hold it likely with the condom on.


Reply by Mike M

Reply by Scott L
You just do not like her that a lot

Solution by alvingarcia1021
maybe you didnt rily want to have sex that time thats why you didnt have your penis rock hard for so lengthy…itslike wen you skip your lady so a lot your craving for her entire body and it appears like no one particular can cease your penis to soar out your pants..

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