Male teenage erections?

Question by Nikhil: Male teenage erections?
I am a 17 yr aged male. I get repeated erections throughout the day, about 5-7 moments.

I often urinate whilst getting erect- is this typical?

What can be carried out for my erections that occour at the worst of times by means of the working day.

I like to incorporate that masturbation is carried out extremely typically in a week. Will this affect in any way?


Reply by Matthew
1) Erections are typical, particularly at your age. Partial erections happen normally throughout the day in purchase to hold blood equipped to the boys. As you get older they will become much less recurrent and less powerful.
2) Some men are unable to urinate while erect. Other individuals can. It is not standard, but it isn’t really abnormal both.
3) Masturbation will decrease how usually this transpires considerably, but at 17 you are “younger, dumb and full of c**” as the declaring goes. Anticipate to stay that way until finally your early-to-mid 20’s at the very least.
4) I’m not a physician and I’m not examining you, but as a man who has been by way of it, I feel there is totally absolutely nothing mistaken with you.

Solution by STEPHEN
All typical.

seventeen year olds get erections if they see a female in the road.

If you require to pee you require to pee. Stiffy or not.

Erections occur at all moments.

Masturbation is regular and seventeen 12 months olds do it several occasions a week. Sometimes several times a working day.

Answer by Hermes
All teenage boys and in truth adult men get repeated random erections. If it doesn’t bother you no one particular else will observe or treatment. Do not be ashamed of your physique or your dick. You are excellent as you are.

Nothing can be completed to quit your erections from occurring. Cease stressing about someone viewing them by means of your garments and considering anything. Be glad you can have them. Launch disgrace of your entire body and just live.

All boys often urinate while erect, indeed it is normal and very good. Fountains are enjoyable -)

Masturbation is extremely healthful and good for you. If you are doing it a single or much more moments a working day you are effectively reducing your risk of Prostate cancer (the most typical cancer amongst men) by about 1 3rd. Doing it significantly less than as soon as a day boosts the threat of Prostate cancer by a whole lot. There are NO unfavorable outcomes to masturbation at all, only constructive ones.

Sort feelings,


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