Penis takes way too much time to get erect?

Question by : Penis will take too a lot time to get erect?
I am 32 year aged male and day-to-day getting sex after or twice with my partner for very last 25 days. now the issue is that my penis is using time to get erect though I am possessing a sturdy want to do sex and if I end In in between the intercourse for some time the erection is fully long gone. So I commenced to get Sildenafil tablets for erection with no consulting a Medical doctor but I never want to use it, I want all-natural erection. pls Assist………


Solution by TikTokTik
Turning gay, maybe? 😀

Answer by Mon
That could be ED (erectile dysfunction) which happens to men in their forties, but it can occur previously. The result in can be psychological, try looking into your sexual habits and adjust some that are extreme. ED can also be triggered by specific vascular difficulties that prescription medications like “sildenafil” (or whatsoever) can solve. But if you want natural occuring erections, attempt residing a much more healtheir life style. Try to eat much less unwanted fat, decrease weight, and excercise. These things support boost blood vessels, and blood vessels are the rationalization for ED.

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