Problems keeping an erection will this help?

Concern by TheMageDuck: Difficulties keeping an erection will this assist?
So I consider I shed my erection since of stress. I study that Filagra has the “sildenafil” same as Viagra. I recognize that it will not cause an erection but my query is, is since I consider this is an nervousness sort problem does that I suggest if I get the pill an hour before intercourse, and I get challenging, will I maintain my erection after Iv’e gotten it irrespective of the stress?


Solution by Dinesh
Dont know how old you are but it could be just nervousness. I would advise just loosen up in the course of intercourse and question your partner to engage in with you etc and you ought to be in a position to perform properly.

Answer by M W
its supposed to but why r u nervous, i indicate retaining a tiny hard a single is better than heading comfortable in the commencing of sexual action

just think attractive things and it need to keep tough as a useless sponge

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