Psychogenic erectile dysfunction??????????????????????????????????

Issue by Metro Male: Psychogenic erectile dysfunction??????????????????????????????????
Hey i have had psychogenic erectile dysfunction for about 3 months. It commenced following a split up with my girfriend. We obtained back together and i have an incredibly tough time acquiring an erection now. Ive appeared all more than the world wide web for remedies and discovered practically nothing. I talked to about 5 medical doctors and they stated it was all in my head and they didnt just take me very critically. Is this kind of situation permanant? Or is there no cure or i have no i dea? Has any person esle been through this? Please support


Reply by BoRN
Find a psychiatrist, and request for aid severely.

He can give some medicine, or suggestion.

Solution by beckdawgydawg
when they say it is all in your head.. they really suggest it. you are the a single that is heading to conquer what ever situation is preventing your erections. be glad that it is in your head although since there are numerous men out there that cannot get erect for bodily or health-related factors…you can overcome it. but you could have to see a therapist to get to the base of the scenario.
excellent luck

Solution by robertt223
Its God telling you. Wait Explain to YOUR MARIED THIS TIME.

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