tough flaccid penis and erectile dysfunction?

Question by Question?!: tough flaccid penis and erectile dysfunction?
Hi there, I’m seventeen years old and have been sexual active for about 2 many years now. Up till extremely recently I’ve never ever had any issues with obtaining an erection or retaining a single, in reality, I was usually randomly receiving erections, waking up with early morning wood, and many others.

But for two times now, my penis has been agency whilst flaccid, its still soft, but if I squeeze carefully, its definitely harder than it typically is. Also, I attempted having sex with my girlfriend tonight, which usually goes fantastic, I have no difficulty acquiring it up, but tonight I just could not get difficult enough. I acquired probably 70-eighty% erect, and it just would not get any more challenging, and it would little by little turn into flaccid even throughout intercourse.

Below are some recent adjustments that may possibly be relevant…
-Just stop smoking tobacco, and started making use of an electronic cigarette, which vaporizes nicotine
-I was just set on Adderall, having formerly been on Ritalin, today was the 1st day I took it, 10mg, but I have experienced knowledge with amphetamines (methamphetamine, no lengthier employing) and normally that would get me really sexually charged.
-When I went to the doctor to have my ritalin switched to adderall, she commented that my blood stress is incredibly low.
-Lastly, and possibly minimum important, I only got 3 hours of sleep previous night.

Many thanks in progress for any help, my nervousness has me freaking out about this…really hoping I can discover an reply without getting to head back to the doctor.


Reply by Ken
On my site I have several posts on erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction is either thanks to a health-related situation or mental situation. Primarily based on he situations you describe, it seems like a health-related concern in your circumstance, thanks to the reduced blood pressure you are encountering. Neither Adderall or Ritalin listing erectile dysfunction as a potential aspect result.

Using tobacco , alcoholic beverages and drug use can guide to erectile dysfunction as nicely

Since an erection is induced by the heart pumping blood into the penis, minimal blood stress can also lead to sexual dysfunction.

I would suggest you go over this with your doctor as before long as achievable as lower blood strain can have other harmful results on the body as well.

Answer by MasterC
wow i was surprise to see this question since i as well just switched to electronic cigarettes and i get Adderall 10mg as effectively.

I can tell you from 100% certainty its the Adderall. It has facet effects that effect that region but the for a longer time you use it that much less people facet outcomes need to grow to be.

Electronic cigarettes are awesome they do not harm you esspecially in that way. You can look at their consequences at

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