Vasectomy Erectile Dysfunction?

Concern by justsomeone: Vasectomy Erectile Dysfunction?
My boyfriend experienced a vasectomy completed about 7 a long time back….he just not too long ago obtained divorced and has been with me for a number of months now…..he suggests that he has had this difficulty soon after he received the vasectomy completed….his ex-spouse is a weighty girl and he mentioned that she did not change him on and I am the whole reverse of her, I am very tiny and petite… he suggests that he is really turned on by me and I satisfaction him in the bedroom….his penis is just not being difficult….he says that it is not me in any way…..he went to his medical professional and he prescribe Levitra and it didn’t assist much…the physician also carried out some blood perform on him and everything came again okay….I was contemplating probably some thing was mistaken with his prostate but people tests came back ok as well… we are just bum fuzzled….he operates an end loader at perform and I wonder maybe if the banging all the time on his genital area may possibly have some thing to do with this problem…..maybe a blockage…I am not sure…..has any individual else ever had this difficulty and if so what did you do about it??? I wonder possibly if it is pressure and not ample rest….any tips and responses would be greatly appreciated many thanks…….remember to no intelligent comments…this is severe….
prostate test, sugar test, higher cholesterol examination and higher blood pressure take a look at all came back normal..nothing at all incorrect there…….


Response by Invisible Watermark
Just about every man has some sort of ED at some level is his existence. Very first of all I will notify you with out a question that a vasectomy has nothing at all to do with it.

In my circumstance, when I 1st began having treatment for substantial blood stress I suffered a little dilemma. It took considerably more time to receive an erection, and it appeared to take an eternity to free it when I was accomplished obtaining sex. In other words and phrases the adjust from soft to erect and again took lengthier than I was utilised to. The symptoms passed soon after about a month. I known as it, “Erectile Disobedience”.

Several drugs, and tension circumstances can result in a short term ED of some sort.

Odds are he is stressing above his bills or something that still stays from his divorce. The ED brings about much more pressure, and that will amplify the situation.

The great news is it passes.

Why not take a yoga course with him or anything. Some loving patience will go a long way.

Answer by Medical doctor Tony
Vasectomy can result in erectile problems in a number of approaches:
1) If the guy has ache with sex or soon after sex (existing in at least 5% of vasectomized men), then it can lead to erectile dysfunction as sex will get connected with discomfort…
2) Vasectomy triggers testicular harm and fibrosis (scarring to the interstitium of the testes) and this can impact testosterone stages. Most medical doctors just examination whole testosterone amounts, but you want to also examine “free of charge” testosterone levels. If total testosterone is less than four hundred, or cost-free T is less than ten, it can be related with erectile dysfunction and could need the use of testosterone gels. The level that is connected with erectile troubles may differ from gentleman to man.
3) Vasectomy can result in reduce in ejaculate volume, lessen in ejaculate expulsion, and decrease in orgasmic sensation and these can direct to sex being less fun, which can direct to erectile dysfunction as sex is then not really worth the hard work.

Request him about soreness and/or other sexual facet consequences of vasectomy. Get his whole and free testosterone levels checked.

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