What causes Male Erectile Disfunction?

Issue by ☺: What triggers Male Erectile Disfunction?
What are the brings about of Male Erectile Disfunction? Does it have everything to do with Masturbation?


Solution by sophieb
nope, will not have anything to do with masturbation. At times particular prescription drugs (like for diabetes) or medications (marajuana) will give ED, even high blood stress. But occasionally it occurs when a associate will get way too demanding and you just are unable to operate. It takes place.

Response by 9lives
Erectile disfunction in men can be triggered by limited bloodflow due to an enlarged prostate. It can be brought on by stress and treatment as well. Some antidepressants can cause erectile disfunction. Erectile disfunction has nothing at all to do with masterbation unless masterbation is carried out so often it has triggered sores in that location reducing pleasure simply because of soreness.

Answer by Lillithin

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