What do I do when I drop my erection nearly immediatley right after puuting a condom on?

Question by GEORGE: What do I do when I lose my erection almost immediatley right after puuting a condom on?
The condom that i am employing, i have utilized ahead of with no issue. But the final 4 moments my girlfriend and i have tried out to get personal, I would get a complete erection and as quickly as the condom goes on I go flaccid(delicate/semi-difficult). This issue is producing me depressed and i really feel like it might be thanks to the dimension of the condom but i am not as well positive. Remember to help.


Solution by Trusty
Hum This is not a make a difference of measurement but producer. Your condom may be soften with medics so change this Firm’s item. Then attempt. Do not make this matter psychic. Alright

Reply by MMW
When you used this condom before with no difficulty, how was the sex? It appears like you did not enjoy the sex that much so this can explain why you are losing your erection right after putting on the condom.

Your thoughts is not going to support maintain your penis hard if you already know you might be not going to enjoy the sex.

Try out a various condom or keep striving diverse condoms until you find the correct one particular for you.

My preferred is Durex Enjoy. I ejaculate with these condoms all the time and they are on the even bigger dimension.

Response by Fareed Singh
Functionality anxiousness is the most common result in of getting rid of or not obtaining an erection. It is the consequence of being in your head worrying about regardless of whether or not you will get tough or remain hard. When you start to do that you get caught in a “concern of failure” cycle which retains reinforcing itself. How to deal with this problem is discussed in simple terms in a tiny low-cost guide on premature ejaculation.

There are a lot of high-priced programs marketed online but all you require is this economical minor guide prepared by a medical doctor and sex therapist that has been utilized productively for far more than 32 several years.

It is referred to as “Long lasting More time: The Treatment method System for Untimely Ejaculation” by Dr. Sy Silverberg M.D. For more information just google the doctor’s name: Dr. Sy Silverberg M.D.

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