what ED solution is there for guy with glaucoma?

Query by Sweetloverinthenight: what ED remedy is there for guy with glaucoma?
It is composed tha sildenafil citrate which is the principal ingredient in medication this sort of as Viagra, also increases intra occular force, not wanting to unfastened sight due to the fact of marital responsibilities, how do I cure the bottome with out inflicting permant harm to my vision


Response by Mia
The ideal factor you can do is chat to your Medical doctor about the medication you want to take and the health care problem you have. There may possibly be some other treatment you can consider.

In the mean time an additional very good useful resource particular person is your pharmacist. He might know of one more treatment that you could use with out the side result you mention.

I will not know of any Crisis Space solutions for glaucoma. That way too you ought to question your Medical professional.

I located an report you might want to go through. I will send you the link.

Very good luck.

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