What is a great way to get an erection to go down?

Question by Mike: What is a good way to get an erection to go down?
Each early morning, I get an erection with no are unsuccessful for no explanation. It often normally takes about twenty minutes to go down which can be very embarassing when you are in a hurry for something and do not want anybody to see. Anybody know of any swift methods to get it back down securely? I’m fifteen by the way, it should be a puberty problem.


Solution by dtownrep09
i believe every single guy had an erection when they initial wake up, i know i do, i usually masturbate then it goes down, but when im in a hurry i normally slap it lightly, occasionally i jus offer with it

Answer by lizzie c

if you are unable to have sex consider of chairs or church.

ideal of luck

Reply by skip22h
The 1st issue to try to get rid of a early morning glory is to go and empty your bladder (go to the rest room)

Right after you have completed this busy yourself with other factors in your brain and it must go down

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