What is actually the swiftest way of getting rid of an erection ?

Concern by Ozzy: What is actually the speediest way of getting rid of an erection ?
I find thT when I have an erection hunting at photos of buff fellas with 6 packs and muscle tissue and lil Wayne photos will get rid of the erection in a make a difference of seconds. I never know why haha


Answer by James
Consider you answered your personal question there.

Reply by go to lol
i feel of useless kittens & useless corpses at the morgue
what…i have robust erections lol

Solution by Timbo Mickla
i like wayne and i get the very same…photos and so on hold me UP all nite. outdated phrase ” very good ample is never excellent ample ” helix is great..19nitten is much better ( appears pictures only ) and viewing for cum pictures ? not barely. blboys excellent. it appears i live on porn and so what. get rid of erection ? turn this thing off ( i dont ) and wack it..early morning cums ? change it on…no these kinds of answer..i just consider to wack it ahead of dawn LOL..have entertaining.

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