What is the danger of an erection long lasting lengthier than four hours?

Concern by Evan Johnson: What is the risk of an erection lasting longer than four several hours?
All of these commercials for erectile dysfunction have this warning about contacting a medical doctor if 1 experiences an erection lasting lengthier than 4 hrs. What is the hazard in that? It seems that an erection lasting for a longer time than four hrs would be a excellent issue lol.


Reply by Barcode
Blood flowing to the penis is the problem, Bubba.

Response by Patrick
It is very painful. Been there, done that.

An erection is when a lot more blood is flowing into the penis than is flowing out. You don’t want this to be a prolonged encounter, it could be ruined or explode.

It could sound exciting in idea, but pray it by no means transpires to you.

Response by Joey
only teenagers would feel that,
an erection very first off is agonizing for some of the before teenagers, next off it may well get way too significantly blood flowing to the penis

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