What medicine can you take with Fluoxetine to aid with Erectile Dysfunction?

Concern by britaj30: What medicine can you take with Fluoxetine to support with Erectile Dysfunction?
If a person is taking Fluoxetine for melancholy and it’s leading to Erectile Dysfunction due to this drug, what is protected to just take with it? Can you counteract the drug with typical nutritional vitamins to get your sex drive again?

Would Cialis be way too sturdy?
Fluoxetine also is aware of as Prozac.


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Using the link…
There were no interactions located in our databases amongst Viagra and fluoxetine.
There have been no interactions found in our databases among Cialis and fluoxetine

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Alter anti-depressant medication. Fluoxetine is generic for Prozac. Prozac is recognized to trigger diminished sex drive. Wellbutrin is one alternative which boasts that it will function as your anti-depressant but will not make you lose you mo-jo.

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You make contact with your medical professional & inform him of your considerations – and request him if he can prescribe an alternative with tiny or no aspect outcomes.

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