When did Pfizer begin, and conclude, enforcing it’s Sildenafil patent with compounding pharmacies?

Query by putalidonthings: When did Pfizer get started, and stop, imposing it’s Sildenafil patent with compounding pharmacies?
I spent a bunch of income on (thirty) 150 mg Sildenafil troches from a healthcare group in Los Angeles. Subsequently I uncovered the cause they were getting a “specific” on these was that Pfizer experienced been cracking down on compounding pharmacies utilizing Sildenafil to compound troches in get to optimize earnings in the remaining months of their patent.

The troches I acquired on “specific” are ineffective and I think I was offered a bunch of outdated medication.

I am asking yourself when just Pfizer cracked down on compounding pharmacies, and when they started making it possible for it truly is use in compounding yet again, which transpired recently.

Any details you can offer would be very useful!

Thank you.


Solution by Karen
Pfizer does everything to make certain profits on sildenafil.
Such as banning all the generic organizations producing it.
It permitted the cracking down just not too long ago.

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