Is it real that a flick to the penis will remove an erection?

Issue by apologetickid: Is it accurate that a flick to the penis will eradicate an erection?
I listened to that if a affected person has an erection for the duration of an evaluation, the physician can “flick” the idea of the penis to trigger the erection to vanish. Is this true? How does it operate?


Solution by joey_ploof
Following possibility you get, try out it! That way you’ll know for certain. )

Reply by i_shelton85
properly…..that hurts, so….no erection….unless of course you like that, then they are in for a surprise!

Response by I Kick Babies
ive flicked myself when tough and all its gotten me was tougher. so possibly im just a frillin Sicko or whoever informed you that was hoping to embarass you. hell ive done a good deal to myself even though hard and the best way for me individually to electrical power down is to think of my mother bare. that performs better than say smashing it on the desk with a bronze hammer.

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